BlueConnect, Bluetooth handsfree car kit

What is BlueConnect? 

BlueConnect® is a top of the line, integrated, hands free cell phone communication system developed by Johnson Controls,Inc. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, BlueConnect works with up to 7 Bluetooth hands free profiled cell phones. 

What is Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth technology is the wireless transmission of radio waves or communication between two electronic components.

How does BlueConnect work?

After an easy one time setup, simply enter the vehicle with your phone powered on and BlueConnect is ready to send and receive calls with hands free convenience and safety.

What kind of phone do I need?

BlueConnect is only compatible with cell phones that have a Bluetooth hands free profile.  Ask your cell phone provider about cell phone compatibility, or go to

How does BlueConnect install in my vehicle?

Blueconnect requires professional installation.  The BlueConnect unit can be installed in the over head console of your vehicle or headliner if permitted.

Additional Information

BlueConnect Generation 1 User Guide (PDF)
BlueConnect Generation 2 User Guide (PDF)
Generation 2 Installation Instructions - English (PDF)
Generation 2 Installation Instructions - French (PDF)
Generation 2 Installation Instructions - Spanish (PDF)
Where can I buy BlueConnect?

What is BlueConnect?
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System Features:
  • Industry Leading Speech Recognition & Voice Dialing
  • Multiple Phone Pairing (up to 7 phones)
  • Industry Leading Noise Reduction & Echo Cancellation  
  • Wireless Bluetooth® Interface
  • North American Spanish & Canadian French
  • Phonebook Upload
  • Mute Wire Arbitration